What does a consumer see in a Mobile App – before Install?

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Before we start the journey, this analysis is based on behavior of 13 million (12,909,383 to be precise) mobile application installs vis-à-vis 6 lakh (5,76,355) unique apps across android & iOS platform.

There are lot of interesting patterns that stand out during our research, which suggest what might be going in the consumer’s mind before (s)he presses the final install button on the play store.

(1) Rating of an App

    • 90% people prefer apps which has a rating between 3.5 to 4.5
    • While only 40% prefer app which have a rating of less than 3.5
    • A surprise standout is apps with rating > 4.5 – well the reason is there are very few apps which fall in this category

(2) File-size of an App

    • 41 % app fall in 1 MB to 5 MB category and hence has highest number of consumers
    • 83 % app fall in 1 MB to 50 MB range while 86 % consumers prefer these apps
    • Only 1 % apps are more than 50 MB with 1 % consumer liking it.
    • Behavior that clearly standout is – 99 % app have file-size up-to 50 MB while 99 % consumers love these apps.

(3) Existing install count of App on store

    • 95.5 % apps fall under “1 – 1 Million” install category but gets attention of meager 15.5 % consumers
    • Only 4.5 % apps across 1 Million mark but these app attract attention of 84.5 % consumers

      o Out of these 4.5 % only 0.04 % reach 100 Million mark
      o But accounts for 50 % consumers

Bizarre it may sound but this is true based on hardcore facts. Which raises one interesting question,
If 95 % apps don’t receive attention of consumer then how does they reach 1 Million or 100 Million club?
It’s a wild guess, but if you are app developer then definitely hard cash plays a big role in taking your app to the big club. But once there, you are on autopilot.

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